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Finally, we're in Tokyo. And celebrating birthday here isn't bad, right? I'd be satisfied if you give me a whole strawberry short-cake.
Anyway, I wanted to try driving sometime, though I was horrible in bump car. I envy you Sanada!

I don’t think cutting their bodies with chainsaw would be fun. By just imagining that their blood will spill over, I'd lose my appetite. Gross... I'd better quit in using this thing. What will be my weapon? I'm not good in close combat, too. I think I should go back to gun and start practice shooting.

Mom! I'm really hungry now, I miss your cooking! TT.TT

Mar. 9th, 2010

We're still safe, yes.
After all the circumstances we've been thru, we still managed to survive the market. Yet I thought escaping from there, I'll feel more relief. But after seeing the city ruined with all the zombies, I really wanna wake up from dreaming...

Niou and I are here at the gunstore. I'm not used to fire guns like Niou does, but isn't it interesting to see a genius firing a gun?

Anyway, I want to eat some ramen now.
I'll report if we meet Sanada later.

I know now how to fire this shotgun, but sadly I tested it with an infant zombie that was nearly crawling onto us awhile ago. He was strangely familiar to me and especially his hair. It was kinda black seaweed and really messy. Just thinking of that really gives me goose bumps. I'm not defining a certain person, am I?

And Sanada, thanks for the ride...

Feb. 27th, 2010

Finally Niou found my place and we're currently crawling here in the air vent. Fuck that zombie who almost ate my foot, and Niou even threatened me to cut my foot. The trickster's very hostile to an old classmate and hell yeah I panicked and accidentally kicked the zombie's face. Sigh, I'm very fortunate to be alive despite being trapped in this market, tensais do survive after all~

We're still finding for the exit here, I'll report later.
Still chewing the last strip of my gum while waiting for Niou and Sanada, I hope they're okay...
I miss my two little brats, my mom's cooking, and dad's little scoldings whenever I would steal his mochi from the fridge...
The room's getting stinky, I wanna puke badly...

Feb. 18th, 2010

Is someone still alive there? I'm stuck here in the storage room (I think) near the grocery. My phone's signal is very weak here and I'm running out of food. If ever you read this, please contact me. TT,TT 
Oh shit, I hate really watching the zombies wandering outside. They make me wanna fall asleep by counting them.... 


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